4 Things to Know About Dog Bite Lawsuits in Arizona

Incidents of a dog bite are all different from each other. It could be anything from a light nip to a severe bit that puts anyone’s life at risk of death. If a dog bites you, seek medical attention first. The dog owner’s home insurance can cover your expenses. If not, then you need a lawsuit in order to get a settlement. That’s when you’ll need a Phoenix personal injury lawyer. Here are four things you need to know about dog bite lawsuits in Arizona.

How the Dog Bite Insurance Works

If you have a dog, it’s your legal responsibility to prevent him or her from harming anyone. That goes that same even if your dog is in your property. Train your dog so that they won’t hurt visitors, mail carriers, or the pizza delivery boy. Your homeowner’s insurance policy covers dog bites with liability limits of up to $300,000. If the dog has bitten someone before, insurance companies charge the owner higher premiums.

Dog Bite Settlement Amounts and Factors

When you calculate how much a dog bite settlement, you need to consider several factors. These include the cost of wages or salary lost, the cost of medical visits, and the cost of emotional and physical suffering because of the bite. After another person’s dog bites you, you must file a claim for legal compensation. The medical costs usually affect the settlement amounts the most. However, you have to consider whether the bit would impact your professional practice and your future earnings for the short term.

Steps to File a Dog Bite Lawsuit

Before you approach a Phoenix personal injury lawyer, you’re not likely to go to court. You may negotiate an amount with the dog’s owner. However, if he still continually denies you compensation, you may take the case to court. Go to the doctor first even if the bite does not appear dangerous. Your medical records can help define the injury. After which, talk with your lawyer.  Talk with him about what you can do to get the dog’s owner to compensate you for what happened. Also, gather supporting evidence regarding the event, such as an eyewitness or the dog owner’s contact information.

Important Tips to Avoid a Dog Bite

Prevention is always better than cure or settlement. When you encounter a dog, pay attention to its body language. They will show their anger, fear, and aggression in their eyes, ears, tail, and posture. Always put a safe distance between you and a stray dog while you’re walking along the road. More importantly, don’t respond to its barks or growls.


Some Final Words

Dog bites can be very traumatic, but settlement can be more stressful. In that case, you’ll need a Phoenix personal injury lawyer to help you get a settlement for the dog bite. Filing a dog bite lawsuit requires not only records of your medical expenses but also emotional and traumatic factors. Only a lawyer can substantiate those claims.