Tomato and mayonnaise sandwich cravings woke up Nola the morning that all the house guests were to arrive. Mother Nature was going to be good to them, and warm, clear days were expected through the weekend. Nola made her way down to the kitchen where Effie was already up and baking her famous scones. The scent in the kitchen was intoxicating.

"Good morning, Nola," Effie chirped. "Just one more day . . ."

"I know, and it better come soon, or I’m never going to fit into my dress." Nola looked about the kitchen, "I'm starving."

"I already made you some of those sandwiches you like so much," Effie said, as she removed the silver cover from a platter setting on the granite countertop.

"Bless you, Effie," Nola gratefully praised. "Mmmmmm, tomato and mayonnaise on white, I'm dying for one."

"I made you more than one, just in case," Effie added with a smirk.

"You're too good to me," Nola raved, as she took a big bite of one of the sandwiches. "And I assume what I smell are your famous scones?"

"Yes, I'm making a big batch before the caterers get here and take over. Your brother and his family are getting here before noon, and Ms. Manzini's flight should get in around 1PM. Mrs. Renfield is scheduled in around the same time. The driver is going to pick them both up at O'Hare."

"Wow, it's over 20 years since the two of them saw each other," Nola chatted between bites of her sandwich. "Neither was ever particularly fond of the other. Hopefully they mellowed with age."

"I’m sure everything will be fine. Everyone is going to be excited about your baby news, that's for sure. Am I the only one that knows?"

"No, Quinton and I told Anastasia and AJ last night."

"They must be very excited about their new baby sister?"

"They are." Nola conspiratorially wound her way around to where Effie was working, "So, what were my children up to after Quinton and I went to bed?"

"Nothing, really," Effie fibbed unconvincingly.

"Effie, come on, tell me the scoop. I know you know everything that goes on in this house."

"Not really," Effie stammered.

"You have to tell me, because I have to know everything that goes on. I have to soften the blow in case Quinton finds out. Some things with the kids, he doesn’t handle very well."

"The groundskeeper told me he thought you and Quinton were out in the pool again swimming last night, but then realized it was Anastasia and Mr. Seamus."

"Nothing wrong with that. Were they out there long?"

"He didn't stay to find out," Effie hesitated, "when he realized they weren't wearing any clothes."

"Oh my, now that is definitely something Quinton does not need to find out about, but totally harmless. Anything else? What about AJ?"

"Well, Sam also said that he noticed the light on in garage and went to check it out. He said that he noticed there was a strange smell coming from inside, and that AJ and your nephew, Bill were in there, and they were . . ."

"You don't have to say anymore," Nola said shaking her head. "He had better not try to pull anything like that with Tony's girls here this weekend."

"Jacob does “that” sometimes too. I guess there is a lot worse that kids could do??"

"I know, and I have talked to AJ about it. I don't like it, but I can't control his every move. I told him that I don't want that in our home. And I feel responsible for Bill when he’s here. If Quinton found out about this, he would blow his top with AJ. This is exactly why I need you to be my eyes, Effie, when I can't be."

Tony and his family arrived as expected. Everyone got in their swim suits and gathered by the pool. AJ, Bill, Seamus, Olivia and Nora immediately dove into the pool, laughing and splashing. Nola, Quint, Tony and Annabelle settled into the newly purchased patio furniture.

"When’s Vanessa getting here?" Tony inquired, realizing how long it had been since he last saw Vanessa.

"She is only coming for the day tomorrow and the dinner tonight," Nola responded. "She and Stacey, or I should say Anastasia, are out shopping right now in Chicago."

"Stacey wants us to call her Anastasia now," Quint expounded with pride.

"So much time has gone by. I can't wait to see Stacey. How is she doing after that Silas incident?"

"She's doing really well. We don't really talk about it, and she never found out about the Floyd connection which is a huge relief." Nola carefully fluffed out the pool cover up she was wearing to conceal her swelling figure.

"What is happening with Floyd?" Tony asked.

"Any chance he had at getting parole has been delayed, and he is under constant surveillance," Quint responded.

"Nola, the pool and the grounds look fabulous," Annabelle remarked. "I thought you said the place was run down."

"It was. You should have seen it just a few months ago. The landscapers have been working almost everyday, since Quinton and I decided to do the ceremony in the gazebo. And the contractor did a great job with the pool."

"Well, it all shows," Annabelle continued. "It is absolute paradise here. That pool is inviting me."

"I think it's time that the old folks joined the kids in the pool," Tony stood up and ripped his robe off. "I'll have to show my nephew about old school muscle." Tony flexed his muscles and did a small karate move.

Annabelle took off her cover up, "What a great idea."

"Come on, Nol," Tony happily beckoned to his sister. "Like old times. I'll beat you across the pool."

"I can't," Nola demurely responded.

"Nola and I were in earlier," Quint covered. "Why don't, you two, take a dip?"

Effie appeared with a tray full of red drinks in fancy glasses, "Mr. and Mrs. Reardon, would you care for a drink?"

"Oh, those look delicious, Effie, I love strawberry margaritas," Annabelle said as she took one of the drinks.

"They sure look delicious," Tony also took one.

Effie handed Quint the last margarita and then Nola a glass of lemonade.

"Nola, you're not going to drink with us?" Annabelle commented, sipping her margarita.

"Oh, I have a little bit of an upset stomach, that's all," Nola covered.

"Are you sure that you don't want to go in the pool?" Tony suspiciously inquired. "You love the water."

"I know. How about a compromise? I'll go sit over on the edge, so we can still talk."

"All right," Tony conceded. He took one last sip of his margarita and then cannonballed into the pool. Annabelle ran in after him. Quint and Nola followed them to the edge of the pool, removed their footwear and dangled their feet in the water.

"Quinton, you can go in if you want. It's such a beautiful day and the water feels so nice."

"No, I can sit here with you. I know you really want to go in."

"Please, I would feel bad," Nola said.

"OK," Quinton deferred to her, took off his robe, and dropped into the pool.

It was a gorgeous day, and everyone was having a great time. AJ pulled himself out of the pool and made a big splash that soaked his mother, when he canonballed back into the pool.

"AJ, damn it," Nola screamed, as she stood up soaking wet, the thin cover up clinging tightly to her expanded belly. "I'm drenched now."

"Nola, are you okay?" Quint responded with concern, getting out of the pool immediately to see that his wife was okay.

Tony, Annabelle and all the kids looked over to where Nola was standing.

"Sorry, Mom," AJ apologized.

"Aunt Nola, did you swallow a watermelon or something?" Olivia laughed.

Annabelle shushed her daughter to be quiet.

"Nola, what is going on?" Tony queried, as he and Annabelle moved to the side of the pool where Nola and Quint were standing.

"Well, I was going to leave this as a surprise for tonight, but I guess the jig is up, as they say." Nola good naturedly continued, "Thanks to my son."

"What are you trying to say, Nola?" Annabelle pushed.

"Aunt Nola is having a baby," Olivia announced.

"Yes, I am, Livvie," Nola responded, taking off her dripping cover up, revealing her altered figure.

"That's way cool," Olivia exclaimed.

"Nola, that's amazing news," Tony burst out. "Look at you. I can't believe it." Annabelle followed Tony out of the pool to congratulate the expectant couple.

"Congratulations, Aunt Nola and Uncle Quint," Bill and Nora called out together and then continued to play in the water. "

You must be so happy," Annabelle gushed.

"Oh, we are," Quint beamed.

"Sis, when did you find out?"

"Almost two months ago, but we didn't want to tell anyone until we knew everything was okay with her," Nola explained.

"Her? I'm going to have another niece?"

The happy family reunion continued, as Tony and Annabelle got all the details about the upcoming arrival.

Meanwhile, Anastasia and Vanessa were arriving at the restaurant in Chicago for lunch. The shopping bags weighed them down: Neiman Marcus, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Manolo Blahnik. The host promptly helped them to check their bags and then escorted them to their reserved table. The room was well lit and filled with cream-colored, velvet benched, round booths.

"Aunt Vanessa, this place is beautiful. I was reading some reviews of it before we left, so I’m very excited."

"I have been here a few times. I'm sure you'll love it."

The waiter approached their table and Vanessa ordered some sparkling water for the table, and they both ordered cocktails. Vanessa took Anastasia's hand over the table.

"Anastasia, I hope you have been enjoying this afternoon, as much as I have," Vanessa remarked.

"I have, Aunt Vanessa. I feel a little funny with how generous you have been."

"Do not think about it for one second. It was absolutely my pleasure. You are going to look elegant tonight and tomorrow in those dresses we picked out. I’m so happy to be able to spend this time with you. How has everything been going with Seamus since that whole ugly incident?"

"It's going great. He’s, of course, extremely disappointed to have found his father, and for him to be the kind of man that Silas Crocker is, but . . ."

"I understand. So you mentioned a little something about how your father reacted when you told him about wanting to move in with Seamus."

"It was a disaster, Aunt Vanessa. He doesn't want me to, and the Silas connection bothers him."

“I can partially understand his reaction. Besides the terrible thing that Silas did to you just recently, there was all the past problems they had years ago, when you were just a baby and before."

"I know, but Seamus has nothing to do with that," Anastasia protested.

The waiter dropped their drinks, and Vanessa motioned that they required more time to order.

"I know that too, dear. I think it will just take some time for your father to get used to it."

"Mom says the same thing," Anastasia smiled.

"You should listen to your mother. She knows what she's talking about, and I can't believe I’m saying that."

"I love that you and mom are so close now, Aunt Vanessa."

"We are, and a big part of that is a result of you. You’re a wonderful young woman, and your mother is to be complemented for that. You know we all love you so much and just want the best thing for you always."

"Actually, I told Seamus a little bit about Daddy's reaction, and I think he might not want to do it now."

"You know, Anastasia, I really do like Seamus a lot. But why would you move in together?"

"I guess we just want to. You know . . ." Anastasia blushed.

"Oh, yes, I do know. But you can still have all of that and not take such a big step. I think your father might really soften to and respect Seamus, if you went to him and told him that you changed your mind based on his reservations. It sounds like you don't have an urgent reason to do this. So you keep your place, and he keeps his place for now, and your father can blissfully live in ignorance for just a little while longer."

"You're the best, Aunt Vanessa." Anastasia held up her cocktail and clicked it against Vanessa's. "You know that Seamus was my first," Stacey sipped her red drink.

"I know. And I think he's fantastic, but take your time. You’re a beautiful and brilliant girl, and you have your entire life to be committed like that."

"I just feel so comfortable talking with you. And you know, I love my mom, but I just have this special connection with you. I feel that we are so alike in many ways."

"I feel the same. Like you’re the daughter I never had."

"That’s so sweet," Anastasia’s eyes welled up. “I love you, Aunt Vanessa.”

"I love you. And we should think about ordering," Vanessa warmly suggested, picking up the menu. "I highly recommend the Chilean Sea Bass and the salmon."

Effie helped Mrs. Renfield and Helena Manzini up to their respective rooms as soon as they arrived. They both unpacked a few things, and then one of the housekeepers escorted them out to the pool area where Nola, Quinton, Tony, Annabelle and the kids were finishing up lunch. Nola and Quinton immediately jumped out of their chairs when they noticed their new guests. They made sure Mrs. Renfield was comfortable. The waiter promptly served both Helena and Mrs. Renfield their starter salads.

Helena had cut off most of her long hair and was left with a more age appropriate shoulder length bob. Nola noticed immediately that Helena’s hair must have gone mostly grey, but she colored it dark leaving strategically placed traces of her new natural hue. Nola wondered if Helena had work done, or if it was just her good Mediterranean skin. Overall, Helena looked very good for her age and was surprisingly, conservatively dressed in a light and airy linen suit.

Helena was secretly thrilled when she noticed that Nola had put on some weight and had significant telltale grey roots under all the voluminous red hair. She didn’t think Nola had any work, but cattily she thought she could use some. Helena had never been impressed with Nola’s bone structure. And she was curious if she had augmented her breasts, or if it was just the extra weight. Quinton, of course, she thought looked very handsome and had acquired a distinguished look that she always knew he would someday have. She would never stop thinking that Quinton deserved better.

"My, my, you have certainly fixed up the old mausoleum, Quinton," Helena exclaimed, looking around at the beautiful grounds, landscaping and pool area.

"I owe all of it to Nola, Helena. She has worked very closely with the decorators, landscapers and contractors to get it all just right and on time. You should have seen how run down this place was just a few short months ago."

Nola explained, "Before I got the house back, it had been used as a rental for years. So it was not taken care of the way it should have been. Years ago someone had put in a pool, but it was never maintained."

"It's certainly beautiful now, Nola," Mrs. Renfield remarked.

"Thank you, Mrs. Renfield."

"AJ, could you please fix the umbrella so that the sun is out of Mrs. Renfield's eyes," Quint instructed his son.

AJ tilted the umbrella. Helena carefully watched him, as his muscular arms flexed and his cut abdomen stretched to reach for the proper adjustment. Any woman would notice AJ. As a bonus, he had a golden tan from surfing the last couple of weeks with his friends in Santa Barbara.

"AJ, how old are you now?" Helena inquired.

"I'm twenty one, Ms. Manzini," AJ respectfully responded.

"Well, if you are twenty one, you no longer need to call me Ms Manzini. It's Helena."

Nola looked suspiciously at Helena, noticing that she was blatantly flirting with her son. Tony chuckled to himself, amused at the display.

“Quinton, I don’t remember you ever having the physique of your son. I suppose that you were more of the scholarly type, and he got some of the Reardon genetics.”

“Right as always, Helena,” Quint smiled.

“Do you play sports, AJ?” Helena inquired.

“I was on the college swim team, and I surf a lot too,” AJ responded with distinctive charm.

“Do you work out a lot?” Helena asked further.

“Not as much as I should, but yes. I go to the gym a couple times per week, but the swimming really keeps me in shape.”

“Yes, it does,” Helena nodded seductively.

Olivia and Nora tried hard to restrain themselves and not giggle out loud at the ridiculousness of such an older woman flirting with their cousin.

“Um, Helena, are you ready for your entree yet?” Nola interrupted, trying to change the embarrassing direction of the conversation. “You can have a seared tuna steak or grilled filet mignon or both.”

“I would love the tuna steak, Nola dear,” Helena responded still wrapped up in the visual of AJ. Mrs. Renfield added that she would like the filet, but well done.

“If you don’t mind, Miss . . .Helena,” AJ corrected himself. “I think I’m going back in the pool with the kids.” AJ jetted off to the pool as Nora, Olivia and Bill followed along.

“Anthony, weren’t you built like that when we first met?” Helena queried.

“I believe I was, but I’m not shabby now either,” Tony boasted.

“I’m not suggesting that you are.” Helena continued, “Where is little Anastasia? And did I hear that her boyfriend, Silas’ son is here too?”

“Anastasia is with Vanessa shopping today. And Seamus, Anastasia’s boyfriend, had to run out to get some things for tomorrow.” Quint politely, but sternly informed Helena, “We don’t talk about him being Silas’ son.”

“I’m just shocked at the coincidence.” Helena ribbed, “Maybe you and Silas shall one day share grandchildren?”

“I care not to think of it that way, Helena,” Quint enlightened.

“Neither do I,” Mrs. Renfield noted.

“Of course, not,” Helena conceded.

“I love your hair,” Nola stated, again changing the subject.

“Thank you, dear. I have a fabulous colorist, thank God, at my age. But I’m sure you understand that.”

“Oh, I do.” Nola ran her fingers through her hair, “I’m getting mine done tonight before dinner.”

“Quinton, I really have to hand it to you.” Helena admitted, “The two of you have truly made it for the long haul.”

“Well, when you find your soul mate, it’s only natural,” Quinton lovingly declared, looking toward Nola.

“Aww, that’s sweet, Quinton,” Nola cooed.

Once ready, the chef served Helena and Mrs. Renfield their lunch. After the meal, Mrs. Renfield, exhausted from the long flight, excused herself to her guest room for a nap. Helena switched into her swim suit and stayed at the pool with Tony, Annabelle and the kids. The whole breeding thing baffled Helena, but she certainly could appreciate the results once the children became adults, especially in the case of hunky AJ. Nola and Quint went back to the house to attend to all the details for the dinner that night and the ceremony the next day.

Gracie arrived later that day just in time to attend the pre-wedding dinner at the private dining room of the Springfield towers. Gracie left her twelve year old son, Michael and 10 year old daughter, Lisa back in California with her ex-husband. Gracie had changed a lot over the years. She had put on a good amount of weight and bleached her hair to platinum blonde, but she was still crazy, fun Gracie. Effie had ordered extra limousines to take guests back and forth between the Towers and Thornway Road. Quint and Nola decided to make their big announcement to those that did not already know at the dinner.

The dinner was the first time that many of the guests had seen each other in years. Vanessa introduced her boyfriend, Colin to Helena. Mrs. Renfield and Bea caught up. Maureen and Ed warmly greeted all of their nieces and nephews including AJ, Anastasia, Olivia and Nora. Gracie was thrilled to see Tony and Annabelle after all the years. The neighbor, Megan Walker mingled with her very attractive, 19 year-old step-daughter, Charlotte. Bill was decked out in Calvin Klein and enjoyed watching the equally well-dressed, attractive, young girls. Effie also got dressed for the occasion and circulated, trying to meet all the Reardons and Chamberlains. Everyone waited with great anticipation for the guests of honor to arrive, buzzing that there was to be a special announcement.

Anastasia stood with Seamus, looking very virile in his suit. She politely introduced him to those he did not yet know, while she carefully watched the entrance expecting her parents’ arrival.

About fifteen minutes after Vanessa and Colin arrived, Anastasia spotted her father gallantly leading her mother into the room, “They’re here,” Anastasia announced in a clear voice.

Everyone applauded as Quint and Nola entered the dining room. Quinton was typically distinguished in his dark blue Armani suit. Nola was glowing in a satin chiffon, aqua marine Vera Wang dress that proudly and conspicuously displayed her expanding middle. Her red highlighted hair was straightened and pulled up into an elegant twist. They were the absolute picture of the happy, perfect couple. Quint turned to his wife and gently kissed her hand, then gently kissed her on the lips, and whispered “I love you” into her ear. She mouthed the same back to him and smiled broadly with tears welling up in her eyes. He looked deeply into her eyes, took both of her hands, glanced down at her bump and finally turned back to the speechless and rapt guests.

“Thank you, family and friends, for coming to this very special dinner. It means so much to Nola and I to have you all here.” The guests hung on every one of Quinton’s words.

“Nola, honey?” Bea impatiently addressed her daughter.

Nola smiled back at her mother and simply nodded, as Quint continued his speech.

“We have a lot to celebrate tonight: twenty two years of marriage, the renewal of our vows tomorrow, our friends and family all being together, two wonderful children, Anastasia Louise and Anthony James, who recently graduated from Tulane University and . . . .” Quint paused for dramatic effect, tenderly looking again at Nola and her bump, “another little, unexpected miracle that will be blessing our family.”

The guests gasped in unison at the news. Quint gently smiled at Nola. He motioned to Anastasia and AJ. As planned, their two grown children joined them, both looking every bit the vision of elegance and maturity. AJ was undeniably charming and reminiscent of his father at that age in a dark tailored Hugo Boss suit that hugged his broad shoulders and lean hips. Anastasia was stunning in a white, satin Carolina Herrera, wide-necked, body conscious dress with short capped sleeves. She wore her auburn hair straight in a simple ponytail.

Quint put his arms around his family, “My beautiful wife, Nola and our children Anastasia and Anthony James are pleased to announce the upcoming arrival of our daughter and their baby sister in six months.” The immediate family hugged each other, as Quint finished his statement.

Bea anxiously approached her daughter, “Nola, honey, that’s wonderful. I thought I had moved onto great grandchildren.”

“I know, Mom,” Nola gushed. “We can’t believe it either.”

Mrs. Renfield, Gracie, Vanessa and Maureen all eagerly approached Quint and Nola to congratulate them on the wonderful news. Helena hung back aghast, unsure of what to say.

“So honey,” Megan nursing her dry vodka martini, sidled up to Helena, “I can tell by your reaction that you either think we should contact the media about this unexpected, biologically miraculous announcement, or you require a barf bag.”

“No comment,” Helena drolly remarked, taking a sip of red wine. “Helena Manzini,” she introduced herself with a reserved smile.

“Megan Walker, I live next door to the Chamberlains. What is your connection?”

“Ex-paramour to the thrilled, middle-aged father-to-be,” Helena stated with dry sarcasm.

“Now, this is getting interesting,” Megan excitedly remarked. “You know, that Quinton is a very handsome and attractive man for someone his age, but my God, that young son of his, THAT is a perfect example of blossoming manhood.”

“Yes, I know what you mean,” Helena agreed. “I don’t generally care for children, but if they started out like that . . .”

“Honey, I think that you and I are going to get along just fine. Where did Nola come from? I never heard of her before.”

“She’s just a little scrapper from Seventh Street who struck gold landing a man like Quinton,” Helena seethed. “I knew her when she was just working for him.”

“Really? Interesting! I had not picked that up. But honey, I don’t know you very well, but I would say that it is time to “move on” as they say. I think your little scrapper, Nola, has Quinton wrapped up tight. I mean, good God, for her to be pregnant at her age, she must be getting close to 50?”

“She is,” Helena replied.

“That’s quite an accomplishment. She’s holding onto her man firmly with both hands. I love a challenge too, but THAT is a lost cause. Look at that man; he is beside himself with joy.”

“Maybe I could use that “barf bag” that you mentioned earlier,” Helena jested.

“Ava Grace, that is such a beautiful name,” Gracie exclaimed. “Awww, she will be named after me and two of our favorite actresses.”

“Aunt Nola, I will babysit for you whenever you need me to,” Olivia offered. “And I can teach her to tap dance when she’s old enough.”

“Nola dear, if you need any help with anything, please let me know,” Mrs. Renfield added.

The festivities joyously continued, and the delicious Japanese-inspired meal was served. Nola felt overwhelmed with love and pride for her husband. Throughout the evening, Quint would casually whisper in her ear, pat her behind, rub her belly, stroke her cheek, etc. It was all so naturally and lovingly intended, but every gesture seemed magnified and deliberate to her. His touches and hot breath pulsing against her ear distracted Nola, and with each innocent gesture her desire for him grew. To gain his attention during the dinner, she placed her hand on his thigh and gently massaged longer than just a loving gesture. They had finely honed their non-verbal communication over the years, and Quinton knew immediately what that meant. He looked up from his meal and for the first time that night gazed at her with more specific intentions. Nola reciprocated the look, still squeezing his thigh, then mischievously smiled and released her hand.

Megan noticed Helena staring at Quinton and Nola, “Honey, take a picture; it will last longer.”

“I was just looking for the waiter to get more wine,” Helena covered.

“Sure, you were,” Megan sarcastically quipped. “You might need it the way you are torturing yourself. He has had his hands all over her tonight. I don’t think you have to be a brain surgeon to know that they will be politely excusing themselves very soon.”

“It’s so egregious,” Helena scoffed. “Everyone must be watching them.”

“Nope, honey, only you. Everyone else just sees him as the adoring husband, caring for his expectant wife who’s carrying their miracle, late-in-life child. And they’ll all certainly think they’re ducking out early to get some sleep, surely not for some preggers nookie.”

“I will just never understand the attraction,” Helena huffed.

“Ooops, see, there they go. They didn’t even wait until the dessert. Guess they will have that at home.” Megan giggled, “Damn, I’m good.”

“Seems a little rude that everyone is here for them, and they leave so early.”

“No one will think so, trust me,” Megan stated, sipping her red wine.

The guests of honor excused themselves early, claiming that Nola was tired and they had a big day ahead. Quint advised the staff to delay the serving of dessert for at least fifteen minutes, and Nola asked Gracie to do her best to make sure no one returned to Thornway Road for at least an hour. Dessert was finally served, and all mingled a little while longer, before they started to disperse, no one less than an hour after Nola and Quint.

“Daddy, I want to go out with the kids,” Olivia pleaded with Tony.

“Honey, you’re not old enough,” Tony informed her daughter. “You have to be at least 18.”

“Daddy, that’s not fair.” Olivia protested, “Aunt Nola ordered the limousine for the kids, and I’m one of the kids.”

“I know, but the place they’re going requires that you be at least 18. I’m sorry.”

“Mom, this is so unfair,” Olivia whined. “So I have to just go home with you like a big loser, and everyone else goes out?”

“Livvie, I don’t know what to say,” Annabelle sympathized. “Soon, you’ll be old enough.”

Gracie had overheard the conversation and approached Livvie from behind, “Livvie, why don’t you go back to the house with me, and we can check out all the secret passageways. Nola told me there were still some places you had not seen yet.”

“Really?” Olivia perked up.

“Oh yeah, the only person who knows those passageways better than me is Nola herself, so . . .”

“That sounds sooo cool, Gracie,” Olivia beamed.

Annabelle and Tony mouthed “thank you” to Gracie for saving the day.

Anastasia and Seamus decided they were too old for the kids’ outing and went out on their own. AJ, Bill, Nora and Charlotte changed into more comfortable clothes and piled into the kids’ limousine headed for the underage club. AJ was a little disappointed to be going to an underage club, but it was worth it to be able to get to know Charlotte better. Bill was enjoying flirting with Nora who discreetly through the day had let him know she was not committed to any one boyfriend. Nola and Quint took full advantage of the empty, quiet house before all their guests returned from the party.

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