Bill and AJ quietly disappeared into the garage and flipped on the light. They maneuvered their way around Nola's Volvo and Anastasia's Prius hybrid back to where Quinton's Mercedes was carefully parked.

"I guess the S600 is your dad's car?" Bill commented.

"Of course, who else would drive around in that pretentious vehicle?" AJ scoffed.

"You have no room to talk, Beamer boy," Bill quipped.

AJ bragged, "Hey, the Chamberlain heir apparent can't be driving around in a piece of shit."

"Uncle Quint's not so bad. I don't know why you give him such a hard time."

"Please, Indiana Jones busts my balls all over the place. Luckily, Mom can keep him in line."

"Are you sure that we're not going to get caught out here," Bill nervously looked around.

"Nah, my dad's not going to leave Mom's side, trust me. She was tired. He's all over that. They're in bed by now." AJ arrogantly leapt up onto the hood of Quint's pristine, metallic silver sedan.

"Okay, if you say so." Bill pulled the plastic bag out his front pants' pocket and started delicately rolling the pungent leaves in paper. "You don't think Seamus will say anything?"

"He might tell Stace. But she's cool. She won't partake, but she also won't rat us out either."

"Dude, my mom said that your cute cousin, Nora was coming here tomorrow." Bill probed, "Any truth?"

"Uh yeah, dude, but if she's my cousin, then she's kind of your cousin too."

"I have no blood relationship to her," Bill commented, as he lit up the freshly rolled joint.

"Damn, you must be hard up," AJ teased.

"I'm not hard up, but she's hot. I could use a piece of that." Bill exhaled and shared with AJ.

"I think she might have a boyfriend," AJ informed Bill, as he inhaled. "My mom told me that Nora was dating someone a few months ago."

"Maybe she split with him. Besides, I'm just looking for a hook up."

AJ rested back against the windshield of his dad's car. "Well, believe me, I'll be scoping out the party too for some action. I heard my mom invited this neighbor that might bring some kids our age along. You know, it's really nice not being tied to one girl. I think I'm going to stay single for a little while. Regular sex was nice, but nothing is like getting in a new girl's pants." AJ dragged heavily at the "cigarette".

"AJ, where is your bad ass Beamer?" Bill looked around the garage. "Six series, right?"

"Yeah, but I get third priority in this house. First it's Mom, then it's Stacey, and then me, as far as the old man is concerned. I'm just happy to outrank little old Ruby. Soon, it will be fourth priority. My car doesn't get in the garage."

"Why do you say soon it'll be fourth priority?" Bill put his hand out, wanting the joint passed back. "No bogarting, dude."

AJ obliged and passed back to his cousin. "Dude, you can't tell anyone I told you this, because it's supposed to be some BIG secret, but my mom's knocked up. They're having another baby . .a baby girl no less. Dad will be in his glories. So you know ol' AJ will be getting the short end of the stick . . . AGAIN."

"You gotta be kidding. Aunt Nola is pregnant? That would almost be like my mom being pregnant. That's kind of weird."

"My family would not exist if not for weird," AJ slurred.

"Come on, Aunt Nola is cool. All the nieces and nephews always loved her the most."

"I gotta admit that she's a cool mom. But really, who needs a middle aged pregnant mother? It's creepy. She should be begging Stace for grandkids or buying real estate in Florida or something."

"So your dad still knocks it out of the park with your mom," Bill nodded his head in approval.

"You really didn't need to go there, dude," AJ admonished.

"It's cool, and besides it's the running joke of the family about Aunt Nola and Uncle Quint getting it on for the whole house to hear."

"Bill, for real!" AJ pleaded. "I'm going to lose my burrito, if you don't stop."

"Hey, dude, just be happy your parents are together to have a baby," Bill reminded. "My dad has kids all over the place. I'm lucky, if he ever busts my balls."

"Ah, the life of the billionaire oil tycoon, but Aunt Vanessa is all right. My sister worships her." AJ reached out for the joint and thought quietly for a few moments, gathering his thoughts. "My mom is cool. But even she would kill me, if she caught us firing up the ganga in the garage, sitting on Dad's precious $150G car. I bet ya back in her day that she did some sparking too. She won't admit to it outside of the African Shaman ceremonies we used to attend, when we were traveling the world, but she has a streak. I can see it. Dad is damned lucky to have her." AJ blew out a big puff of smoke.

"What time is Nora getting here tomorrow?" Bill queried.

"Dude, chill out!! Are you busting a nut or what? I told you that I think she has a boyfriend. Looks like you might be fistin' the mister."

"Shut up, I get plenty of poon," Bill shot back.

"Well, with the Lewis name, that slick "do" and your Boxster, I'm sure you do get all the muffin you can handle," AJ teased.

"Damn, where are the snacks," Bill grabbed his gut. "Do you guys have anything in the house?"

"Dude, are you kidding? We can get into my mom's stash. She must think she's eating now for a family of five."

"Well, you should be happy about a new baby sister. Maybe your dad will lay off you for awhile."

"It's true. It is really cool. Mom is really happy about it. I just don't want anymore of that business of what happened with Beatrice. Man, that sucked. And you know I can't always be so hard on my dad either. When mom wigged out, he really did pull it all together for her . . .for all of us."

"You're deep, dude," Bill mocked.

"Shut up, you suck. I'm allowed to have a sincere feeling. Let's get some food."

AJ jumped off the car, and Bill followed him back to the house, tossing the small remaining nub off to the side.

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